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11. Oktober 2011 - Prepare for Surgery

On 5 November 2011 the wait is over. Our long-anticipated new album “Deconstructive Surgery” will be released that day.

For the occasion of the CD release party on 5 November at the HOT Magdeburg, there will be a Special Pin CD Edition sold exclusively at that party.
Whoever wants to get one of those copies will have to come to the release party!

In advance we’d like to take this opportunity and disclose the cover artwork for “Deconstructive Surgery”.

Furthermore, the title track of the CD “Deconstructive Surgery” and “The Art Of Death” are made available on Facebook and MySpace as a foretaste.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the CD release party featuring DEAD on 5 November 2011 at the HOT in Magdeburg!

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19. July 2011

Since the release of our ”Blood-Soaked Retrobution” EP in 2009, things quieted down considerably around INFECTED BRAIN, apart from a few live shows. But in the meantime we’ve been working extensively on material for a new album.

Now the Rotten Hobo Lounge has been transformed into a studio once again, and we’re right in the middle of recording our 3rd full length CD. The album will be titled “Deconstructive Surgery” and will contain 11 songs with a total running time of approx. 40 minutes.

For this album we decided to farm out the mixing for the first time. We’re glad to announce that we were able to hire Andreas Hilbert of GOLEM for that job. We’re confident this step will help improve our sound even further.

Album release is scheduled for 22 October 2011. For that date we’re planning a release party in Magdeburg, featuring special guests DEAD from Nuremberg! We’re really looking forward to that, and we’d like to send special thanks to DEAD for joining us on the stage.

We can’t tell you much about the album cover yet, mainly because the guy who was supposed to design it seems to have disappeared. We’re currently considering other options, so everybody’s probably in for a surprise there.

We’ll keep you posted about our progress with the recordings, maybe even with a little musical appetizer.

14. March 2010

New video live at Bornstokk from a new Song "Post Mortem"! Have fun!

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10. January 2010

After a prolonged period of rest concerning the Infected Brain website and the news section, we’d like to officially wish everyone a good start into the year 2010 and once again thank all fans, fanzines and concert organizers for their support.

Due to private reasons and resulting lack of time of some band members there wasn’t much going on in the Infected Brain camp during the last six months. But the situation is currently improving, so that we can spend more time writing new songs. We’re planning to release a new album in spring 2011, and there’s still some work to do until then.

We were absolutely stunned by the feedback to the “Blood-Soaked Retrobution EP”! All in all the EP was downloaded about 600 times from our homepage alone. One week after the EP went online it had been made available from about 20 other sources. Some users had even extended the contents of the download. We tend to see this positively, because through this we reached even more people. On the other hand we’ll never know how often the EP was actually downloaded. Sadly there are also websites who actually charge people for downloading the EP, which of course sucks. We’d like to make it very clear that the “Blood-Soaked Retrobution EP” is and will be available absolutely free of charge.

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31. June 2009

Free Download "Blood-Soaked Retrobution" - EP: CLICK HERE

At last, it's done - our "Blood-Soaked Retrobution" EP can be downloaded starting today. You'll find detailed info in the "Releases" category.

Contents of the EP have changed slightly compared to the preliminary announcement.
We have decided to put only one new song on the EP (not two), but instead you get a "special" version of "I Will Kill You", song from our 2006 album.
So now the EP features 6 Songs, which mean you get even more for free. Who offers that kind of deal nowadays? That's right, INFECTED BRAIN!

We hope you enjoy the EP! Please let us know how you like it, we're looking forward to your comments. Have fun!

Go to the B.S.R. download site --> >click<

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19. February 2009

The year 2009 is almost 2 months old already – so it’s time for some news.

Hopefully you’ve all had a good start into the new year and thrown your resolutions overboard by now. Anyway, we wish all fans, friends and bands we know all the best for 2009, and thanks a lot for your support!

We have an EP planned for 2009 (we wrote this in the last news) which will probably be released this spring. Right now we are about to start recording. The EP will contain 2 new songs plus another 3 or 4 tracks. Details about the “other 3 or 4 tracks” will not be made public until the release. The EP will be entitled “Blood Soaked RETRO-bution”, but this only as a hint as to the “other 3 or 4 tracks”... We have decided to make the EP plus cover artwork available for free download.

Well, there hasn’t been much going on gig-wise for INFECTED BRAIN lately. During the last year we wrote and sent CDs to a lot of concert organizers, but so far there are no results to speak of. From most of them we didn’t even get a refusal. What a bummer.

As we have a new bass player since the beginning of 2008, it was about time to shoot some new band photos. We’d like to thank Ines Binnemann, who has taken some really cool pictures. Results of the shoot can be viewed in the “media” section of our website or on our MySpace page.

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24. November 2008

After almost 3 months without any news from INFECTED BRAIN, here are some updates:

We've been talking to a label, and things looked quite promising in the beginning. Well... the conditions of the deal seemed somewhat doubtful and would have required a large payment up front, so that we decided to break off the negotiations. Thus, no changes so far concerning INFECTED BRAIN's label situation.

Our next project will definitely be an EP entitled "Blood Soaked Retribution". It will feature 2 brand new tracks plus 3 surprise tracks. The EP will be available for download COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE,including the artwork. We hope to finish the EP in spring.

Furthermore, we're talking to Andreas Hilbert of GOLEM about mixing & mastering our next output, but nothing is decided yet. Cover-wise there might be some surprises as well. Hope we made you curious!

Finally we'd like to announce our next gig on 17 January 2009 in Cottbus, location: Muggefugg. We are going to tear down the club in co-operation with the legendary gods of the underground BLOOD! Hope to see you there!

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06. September 2008

Finally the next batch of shirts has arrived, so the shirts are available again as of now.
Also, shipping information for the online shop has been updated.
Here’s the shop: Infected Brain Shop

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20. August 2008

The new Infected Brain Online Shop has been finished at last and is now online. Shipping costs for outside Germany will be added soon.
Here’s the shop: Infected Brain Shop

Unfortunately, our shirts are already sold out – apart from a handful size "S" – so we’re out of stock at the moment.
But you can place orders for shirts nonetheless, as the next batch is already being printed.

The Reviews section has also been updated.

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04. August 2008

Damn! What a party and what a heat!

We'd like to thank everybody for coming to our release party, having a great time, and for banging their heads off despite the unbelievable heat!

Also, a big Thank You goes out to HYPOTHERMIE and of course to the GROWTH guys for providing the location and all the equipment!

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24. July 2008

Hello there!

Some more detailed news today.

According to the reviews, our new album “II” seems to sit really well with the critics. Same with the metal community – and of course we’re really pleased about that. We’d like to take that opportunity and thank everybody who has supported us in the past and who will keep on doing so!

Preparations for our CD release party are in full swing, and it’s safe to say that much: it’s gonna be a blast! An awful lot of people have “warned” us about their coming already, and so we’re really looking forward to that party!

Also, the first official INFECTED BRAIN forum went online today. It’s right here: Forum!
If you got any questions, wishes or anything to share at all – just post it there!

The sales deal for our CD is still on until August 1. If you didn’t get a copy until now, think about it! You can still grab our new album for only 10 Euros, including shipping & handling.

See you all at the release party!!!

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15. July 2008

New reviews are online: Reviews

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02. July 2008

The new album "II" seems to leave a very positive impression on the audience. There are two new reviews online: Reviews

24. June 2008

The first review (8.5/10 points) by of our new album "II", which will be released 1st August 2008, is online.

Go to: Reviews

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26. May 2008

The new CD will be released on 1st August 2008!

On this occasion there will be a combined CD release / "Infected Brain's 9,666th Anniversary" party in Tarthun (old youth club). Our fellow bands Growth and Hypothermie will be there as well!
So it's going to be one hell of a party! Admission charge is a meagre 3 Euros.

Huge turnout welcome!

location plan

We hired the relatively new agency NOISI PROMOTIONS for the promotion of our new CD.
Behind this agency is Heiko Wache, who has done a lot for our last CD also. For the time being, promotion is limited to the German and American market.

NOISI PROMOTIONS will also be in charge of arranging further live gigs for us. So there's going to be a lot more going on in this section as well.

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22. April 2008

We have decided on the cover and the tracklist for the new album.

Check the Releases section for further information.

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16. April 2008

Finally - here's the new website layout! For the first time our site is now also available in English for our friends abroad.

Tips, recommendations and critique are always welcome!

Sadly, we didn't find a label so far. That's why we decided to release the new album by ourselves again. It will be available in Summer at the very latest. On our MySpace site you can already listen to 2 new songs from the album.

For now: enjoy our new website!

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