B.S.R. EP - 2009 II
II - 2008 infected brain
Infected Brain - 2006 Hate One
Hate One - 2000

"Infected Brain" - II



  1. Krank
  2. Die Bestie
  3. Rotten Flesh For Hunger
  4. Seeds Of Hate
  5. Torture Chamber
  6. Todesengel
  7. Bloodbath
  8. Reborn
  9. Zeit Zu Sterben
  10. Undead
  11. Prophezeiung
  12. Extrem Pervers (rerecorded)

  13. Total: 40:30 min


"II" (Releasedate: 01.08.2008) is Infected Brain's second full length album. It contains 12 songs, 10 of which were written between 2001 and 2006 plus 2 slightly older bonus tracks.

Once more we remained true to our style as a band, although the newer songs definitely show some technical progress. Also, this album is the first to contain songs written with Carsten Fenske on the drums. Because Carsten plays a lot faster than our old drummer, some of the new songs are simply faster than the older material. And this of course brought on some improvements in the guitar section as well.

The bonus tracks: "Prophezeiung" was originally written by Hannes's former Band "Tomb" around 1998/99 but has never been released before now. "Extrem Pervers" was already featured on "Hate One" (2000) but everybody seems to like the song so much we re-recorded it and put it on this album again. (Now and then we talk about re-recording some more of our songs and putting them on an EP together with 2 brand new songs, but nothing is decided yet.)

We were really satisfied with the sound of our previous album "Infected Brain", and so we recorded "II" in our rehearsal room as well. Once more, Wolfram Fenske was recruited for mixing and mastering the album, and while we were at it, as our new bass player as well. We are all really happy with the result, and once again the sound is at least equal to that of most current studio productions. At Myspace you can listen to 2 songs from the new album.