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II - 2008 infected brain
Infected Brain - 2006 infected brain
Hate One - 2000

"Infected Brain" - 2006

infected brain


  1. Dream Master
  2. I Will Kill You
  3. Dream Master
  4. Claustrophobia
  5. Napalm Death
  6. Untergang
  7. Power
  8. Crash
  9. Frozen Stiff
  10. Infected Brain
  11. What I Am
  12. Cancer
  13. Gesichter

  14. Total: 39:01 min


"Infected Brain" (released February 2006) is INFECTED BRAIN's first full lenght album. It contains 12 songs dating from 1998-2004. Two of the songs ("Frozen Stiff" and "Cancer") were actually written by Hannes's previous band TOMB around 1998/99, but never recorded or released before. Although the album covers about 6 years of INFECTED BRAIN's history, you can't really tell which songs are older and which are newer. We had a lot of material from that time, so we picked out the songs we liked best, put them together, and luckily they added up very well. Songs like "I Will Kill You", "Napalm Death" or "Frozen Stiff" have been part of our live-set for years, and probably will be until the end of time, no matter how much our influences and our songwriting may have changed in the meantime. Reactions to "Infected Brain" from listeners and critics ranged from positive to enthusiastic, some of them even compared our sound to Cannibal Corpse or Suffocation. Of course we think the album has its very own distinctive character, but we were flattered anyway... Production and mix were done by our bassist Wolf, who has recorded (among others) two albums of the Black Metal band HIDDEN IN THE FOG, two albums of the Deutschrock band BROT & SPIELE and the three releases of his other band INMOST DENSE.